Owl Hat Knit Pattern

Owl Hat Knit Pattern

I’m pretty crazy for owls. I think I got it from my Nana (my Mom’s Mom). She was a birder and had bird and owl decor items throughout her home. I vividly remember a macramé owl hanging that she had in her kitchen. When I started knitting one of the first things that I made was an Owl Hat. That owl hat evolved over the years. Initially it was just one owl. Then the owls went all the way around, but only one had button eyes. Now the owls go all the way around the hat and they have all have button eyes. It’s my favorite iteration and has lasted the longest without tweaking.

Owl Hat Free Knit Pattern from Julie is Coco and Cocoa

Not only did my Nana inspire my love of owls, but at the beginning all of the owl hats that I made used buttons from her vast button collection. Just another way I could share her love for birds of all kinds.

This knit owl hat has been far and away the most popular and requested item that I make. And now I’m going to share the pattern with you! Grab your knitting needles and get started.

Owl Hat Free Knit Pattern from Julie is Coco and Cocoa

Owl Hat Knit Pattern

A few pattern notes:
When increasing I prefer a M1 increase for this hat, rather than increasing by knitting front and back. (Here’s  how I prefer to do the M1 increase)
I didn’t include a cable needle on the list of materials, but you will need one.
This is an adult women’s size, but would also fit teenagers/older kids.
If you need to increase the size of the hat, the owl pattern is 11 stitches. To go up a size I would recommend casting on 80, work in ribbing for the first 8 rounds, and then increase to 88 stitches on round 9.
Gauge is 5.5 stitches per inch.
Yardage is about 120 yards. (The skeins of yarn I get are 140 yards and that is always enough for me.)
The pattern needs 14 buttons for the owls as written (it makes 7 owls). If you increase the stitches to 88 you will need 16 buttons. If you increase to 99 stitches you will need 18 buttons.
C4B – means to move 2 stitches to the cable needle, hold the work in back, knit 2 stitches, then knit the 2 stitches on the cable needle. This is a cable worked over a total of 4 stitches.
C4F – similar to C4B, but hold the cable need in front.
Many readers are noting that they need to increase either needle size (start with 5mm needles) or the number of stitches cast on from the pattern (start with 82 and then increase to 88). Some readers have also suggested dropping the number of straight knit rows after the owls. You can start decreasing as soon as your hat it long enough for your personal preferences.
In addition to double pointed needles I also have a pair of short (8 inch) circular needles that I use to make hats. Either would work to make this hat in the round as written. When I use the 8-inch circular needles, I do switch to the double pointed needles during the decreases.

If you run into problems or have questions, leave me a comment and let me know. I’d also love to see any finished owl hats that you make!

If you’d prefer to purchase a finished hat, just visit the Coco and Cocoa shop.

Do you prefer to crochet? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Here’s my Owl Hat Crochet Pattern. 

And check out the pattern for my most popular Slouchy Spiral Crochet Hat

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  1. says

    Oh Gosh, that is the cutest thing ever! I so wish I could crochet like that! {adorbs}
    I’m visiting from My Turn For Fun’s Freedom Fridays Blog Hope.
    I would love to invite you to join us and share each week at Brag About It link party on VMG206 (Mondays at Midnight).
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  2. Julie Wilkinson says

    When you say Cable 4 Back (or front), do you hold them in back (or front), then knit 4 stitches, then knit the cabled stitches? Just learning how to knit cables, so not sure of your instructions.

  3. says

    Hi, Julie! Cable 4 Back means slip 2 stitches to your cable needle and hold the needle in back of your work. Knit the next 2 stitches, and then knit the 2 stitches from the cable needle. 4 stitches total are included in the cable stitch. A cable 4 front would be the opposite. Slip 2 stitches to your cable needle and hold the needle in front of your work, knit 2 stitches, then knit the 2 stitches from the cable needle.

  4. says

    Hi Sharon! The owl stitch is a pattern repeat of 11 stitches. So if you need a smaller size you could cast on 60 stitches and then increase to 66 stitches in round 9.

  5. Jennifer says

    Thank you for clearing that up, I was confused because it seemed like a pretty small needle for worsted weight yarn 🙂

  6. says

    I have a difficult time knitting on 4 needles … could this be made on two needles then closed up?

    I absolutely love this hat and know my grandson will enjoy it too.

  7. says

    Hi Margaret! I was able to find a pair of very short circular needles (8 inches) at my local yarn store. They are great for hat making. I still have to use double pointed needles when I am decreasing, but they are perfect for the main portion of the hat.

  8. Deb Patterson says

    I just want to say a big THANK YOU, Julie…….for offering up your gorgeous pattern. I can hardly wait to make one for my grand daughter. Deb

  9. Judy West says

    Hi Julie Just wondering 52 to 60 can I get more clarification what this mean please. 52/54/56/58/60 . Thank you lovely hat beautiful

  10. says

    Hi Judy! In each of those even numbered rows you will knit each stitch on that row. Then look below that to see what to do on the odd numbered rows.

  11. Lauren Millward says

    Hello! Just wondering what you would suggest doing for a baby size? Or do you have a separate pattern for babies?

  12. Kelly says

    Can’t wait to get the answers to today’s questions so I can start looking for yarn!! So beautiful and thanks so much for sharing your pattern Julie

  13. Stephanie in NS says

    So I’m about half way through (round 32) on 16″ 3.75mm/us size 5 circular needles. I’m LOVING the pattern and can definitely see the owls 😃. So far it does seem like it will be a bit small for an adult, but I’ll see what’s up when I’m done. If so, it will just go to my niece and I’ll switch up the yarn/needle size for one for me

  14. Winnie says

    Using size 5 US ( 3.75mm) needle with a worsted yarn #4 and definitely won’t fit an adult size — will have to add stitches or increase the needle size — nice pattern and easy to follow !!

  15. says

    Ok so i used Loops and Threads Impeccable Yarn #4 weight (18sts to 24 rows) on 5 mm needles. Instead of using double pointed needles or circular i used 2 straight needles and the hat fits perfect for my head (21″circ)… Now i did have to reverse the stitches and i had to omit some rows to make the hat fit adult size but turned out perfect…. 🙂

  16. says

    Had a hard time pinning this post until I pinned directly from within pinterest. Pinning from this website in safari results in pins that only lead back to photos, not the blog post. (If that makes any sense).

  17. Jean Tansley says

    I have finished the hat using 5 mm needles and a Vintage acrylic/wool blend. The hat barely fits my head (21″) which I consider to be a small size. I’m going to knit another with an extra 8 sts (80) in the ribbing,

  18. says

    Hello Julie: Firstly i want to say thank you for this lovely pattern, rave reviews for sure… I am wondering if you would permit me to share with anyone interested on here or elsewhere, how i redjusted your pattern to be worked on 2 straight needles, i would definitely credit you as the designer and post a link back to this page and original pattern, I think it would help those that have difficulty with double pointed needles.and would be adult size. Thank you

  19. Donna wall says

    Ho Tanya…I would definitely be interested in the pattern for two needles. Although I could do Four needles…I struggle…thank you

  20. says

    This is a wonderful hat! Thank you for sharing. I am trying to knit it but definitely need a bigger size since my head is the size of Rhode Island. I thought I had read a comment on how to increase the size but cannot find it. Did you say to increase 11 for the owl pattern but do 9 rows of cables? Thank you so much!

  21. Linda says

    Just finished this cap using 3.75mm needles.It definitely won’t fit an adult so I will do another one using 5mm needles.Love the cap though.

  22. Michelle says

    Hi Julie, thanks for sharing this lovely pattern. I also re-wrote your pattern to be worked on straight needles…only because I knit faster on straights and I couldn’t wait to see this project come together. Love your design!!!!!
    I increased my CO sts to 100 and worked the ribbing on 3.75mm straight needles for 12 rows . On your Row 9 (increase row in your original pattern…so techinically row 13 on my own version), I increased to 110sts and then switched to 5mm straights. The only other adjustment I made was reducing rows 30-50 from your pattern by 4 rows to shorten the hat length, but if someone wanted a more “slouchy” style hat, the row reduction wouldn’t be necessary.
    The yarn I used for test knitting the adjustments was a Bernat Premium worsted weight. I’ll definitely do this pattern again but in a wool blend next time.
    Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with us!!!

  23. says

    I started this hat with a more bulky yarn on 5mm needles as I do not know the term #5 needles. I use circular needs and will definitely go to a worsted weight next time. Am I wrong thinking 4 stitches behind knit the next 4 then the 4 from behind as it certainly doesn’t resemble your owl, kindly let me know, thank you

  24. says

    In your owl hat you suggested co 80 sts , inc to 88 in 9th row of ribbing , for a bigger hat. Do you then follow the instructions in the pattern? Like how many sts between increases? Is it still k14 M1? Are the remaining patterns instructions the same? Please advise. Wonderful looking hat!

  25. says

    The changes i made to work on straight needles is : 5mm needles and WW ( i used impeccable )
    C\O 80 sts and do Ribbing for the 8 rows like in original pattern:
    then on Row 9 inc as follows K16, inc 2 ( i did combo of m1 and the front back to make the 2 inc)K16, inc 2, K16, inc 2, K16, inc 2, K16 ( 88 sts)
    Row 10: Purl
    **ALL Right side rows you will keep same as the original pattern, the only changes are on the wrong sides as follows: (WS) Rows 12\14\16\18\20\22 you will do P8, K3 to end of row
    (WS)Row 24: P1,K2,P2,K2,P1,K3
    (WS) Rows: 26\28 P8,K3
    Row 30- Purl, Row 31-Knit, Row 32- Purl, Row 33- Knit , Row 34- Purl, Row 35- Knit, Row 36-Purl
    Once Row 36 complete you will skip to Row 51 (decrease) from Original pattern and each Right side you will follow as original pattern K8, K2tg AND all wrong side you will Purl…

    This is will fit adult size hat and is just snug enough not to flop around but not tight.. If you need me to write it line for line i will just let me know..but its basically just the wrong sides of the work that will change or reverse if you will…. Good Luck and again Thank you Julie!!!

  26. Nadia says

    Agreed with above comments, the pattern given using 3.75mm (US5) needles with worsted weight yarn does in fact produce a hat that is quite small. It would be better suited to a tween/young teen or extremely small adult imo. Will be making at least two more, one by increasing stitches; will also try making one with 5mm (US8) needles. Using charcoal grey yarn with white button eyes, super adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

  27. says

    Hello! I’ve been emailing everyone back responses to their questions so they don’t get lost in the thread. Just a few where I’m having problems with emails not going through.

    Gauge is 5.5 stitches per inch. Thanks!

  28. Michele says

    Thank you for this cute hat pattern. I’m hoping to use one circular needle (just my preference) sure hope I can do it. I would like to suggest that everyone go back to the very first questions and read them and your replies. It seems a lot of people are asking the same questions over and over again.

  29. Lynda says

    Tanya Munday….do you have the instructions line for line that you did…would really love that. I’m not the greatest knitter so really need explicit instructions. Thank you so much in advance.

  30. says

    Lynda I do have them step by step but i am not sure if Julie would allow me to share that,, I would need to get her permission first…I did post the changes i made above did you by chance see it

  31. Sandra says

    is it possible to get a line per line instruction sheet? i am a beginner and wondering if it’s easier to do it on a round needle or four needles?

  32. Nola says

    Thanks for the gauge Julie. Should an adult hat have a circumference of 21-22 inches? If so wouldn’t I need to co between 115 and 121? Is my thinking correct. Would love any and all comments. Thanks

  33. Norah Macey says

    M1 Means to not do the usual increase (by knitting into the back of a stitch, but with your left needle, slip it under the yarn that goes over to the right (not a stitch, but a straighter section, just between the stitches on the two needles. slip the left needle under that thread, and hoist it up onto the left needle…so you have a “new stitch” on the left needle…then knit it as normal.

  34. Lynda says

    Yes Tanya I did see that but was hoping to get the line by line as I find it easier to follow. I don’t know another way to get the information.

  35. says

    Hi Nola! That’s my gauge with the work flat and unstretched. Stretched the gauge is between 3 and 4 stitches per inch (which is why I was casting on 72 stitches). Hope that helps!

  36. Linda says

    I have knit this cap using size 3.75mm needles and also size 5mm needles.Size 3.75 gave me a cap that will fit my 5 year old granddaughter and since I wanted it for my 21 year old granddaughter I had to knit another one.Using the 5mm needles gave me a cap thst is big enough around but too long.I am going to take the stitches back and decrease my rounds at the 30-50 rows.Not sure how many rounds I will take off.Do you have a picture of anyone wearing this cap as that would give all of us a better idea as to how it should fit.Thanks

  37. says

    I did only Row 30-36 then went to the decrease and it fits wonderful, the one i made for my friend fits her perfect too..no picture though wouldnt even know how to post a pic on here even if i had one..lol

  38. Kath says

    Thanks for the lovely pattern – I’ve been collection owls for many years, so will be delighted to add this to the parliament! Looking at the baby owl hat picture I wouldn’t mind a copy of that pattern if it’s available thanks. I’m knitting hats & bootees for a charity which donates sets of baby clothes to hospitals to give to parents of deceased pre term & young babies. Thanks Kath

  39. says

    i skipped rows 37-50 not because i am using two needles but because the hat was to tall and im using 5mm needles,,,not sure if the hat is too tall for those knitting with 3.75 needles or not

  40. Ev says

    I just finished making your hat pattern with loops and threads colour tone wool blend and it worked up nice. Using 5mm needles however it made it into a slouchy style hat. Very long. Probably could have left out 15 or more of the straight knitted rows above the owls. But otherwise a great and easy to follow pattern. Took only a few hours (i knit fast) thanks for sharing it

  41. Mrs. June Walker says

    I am knitting the hat on two needles as on the following rows I am knitting where it is purl and purling where it says knit, the rows that you have to cable on are easy as they are done on the right side so do not cause a problem, if you do a lot of knitting this is an easy thing to do, good luck

  42. Stephanie Cruz says

    HI Tanya,

    I, too, am also using 2 needles – and fairly new to knitting although I am an avid crocheter. I am not sure how to tell the WS vs RS of the rows – I know it would help me tremendously if you could write out the pattern line by line (I know you offered this 🙂 ). Thank you so much

  43. Sheila says

    I need to know where my math is failing me. In round 13 you P3, C4B,C4F around. That uses a total of 75 stitches. What to do with the lat 2 stitches that make up the total of 77 stitches I have on my needles? Purl them?

  44. Sheila says

    I answered my own question. I misread and thought the P3 was only for the 1st 3 stitches so my poor owls were a little crowded together.

  45. says

    First of all, thanks to Julie for the pattern, it is awesome. I followed the pattern using the 72 stitches, worsted weight (# 4) yarn with the right gauge (5.5 stitches per inch) and the hat is much too small for an adult. It looks like it will fit a small child, or pre-teen. I will knit it again with the increased number of stitches. Otherwise very simple to knit and so cute. The buttons for the owl eyes are not really necessary as the owls stand out anyway. Considering weaving a little contrasting wool for the eyes; should also be OK.

  46. Ruth Jolley says

    Thank you for the lovely Owl hat I am also unable to down load it. I am Brown Owl at a local Brownie unit with 30 girls and leaders. The girls and leaders would love me to knit them all one each. I knitted 30 owls last year when we went away with the Brownies. They was on their beds waiting for them when they all arrived, the girls loved them. Think this will be another project. Ruth

  47. Elizabeth Simpson says

    Thank you for sharing this owl hat pattern, I adore owls! Made the hat using 4mm needles and fisherman wool (lions brand). The hat was so small, maybe fit a baby! The next one I will use 80 stitches to start and 5 mm or 5.5mm. Needles. I want to kearapt the pattern to make boot cuffs for my boots. Start with longer ribbing do the owl pattern and then some plain knit & purl and finish off with a wider band. What do you think about that. Would love to have the pattern for the sleepy time owl in crochet
    ,, f you could Please share!

  48. Lisa says

    I have read the pattern, the blog as well as all comments and replies and cannot see what size buttons or how many? two people asked in the last day or two, but you are now e-mailing answers and so I have no way of knowing if you’ve replied or what the answer might be…

  49. Ruth Richardson says

    This is a lovely pattern. Several commenters have made valid points and one of the most important of the lot is for everyone to read ALL comments/questions and answers from beginning to end! This has resolved several issues for me. I agree that using 3.75 mm needs are far too small for an adult and will use larger ones on my next project (and reduce the number of knit rows for improved fit). As for button size and placement – have a look at the hat, the outline of the owl is so clear that one couldn’t possibly go wrong. Choose a size button that makes a good fit. Tie them on, sew them on, whatever works for ya. Surely, there have been some issues but many commenters have figured out how to resolve them and share them with everyone or they have been answered by the author, Julie. May I be so bold as to suggest to Julie that, if possible, she amend the post to include a paragraph that incorporates the repeat questions, issues and resolutions.

  50. says

    I have several questions regarding this pattern. 1). Your pattern states C4 F and C4 B. I found this rather odd. Came back to this page and found that it was actually a pattern of 2 stitches total for the cable not 4. I understand the front and back. How many stitches are you knitting between the cables? Is it the p3? Then as I am reading through the comments I see that all even rows after ribbing is a knit row? Does that include the owl pattern rows?

  51. Tracy says

    Hello Julie, my name is Tracy from Bend, Oregon. I’m deaf. I don’t knit or crochet, unfortunately but I quilt! :0) I love your owl hat, wonder if you can make one and sell it? Where we love is real cold and have lots snow and this hat would be a real nice fashion statement and warm! :0)
    Let me know. My email is …..lilmonkeys007@gmail.com
    Thank you,

  52. Tavette says

    This is so cute but many have said it’s too small for an adult so I’m wondering if there’s an update. I looked at the instructions and am confused starting at Row 13 which says P3, C4B, C4F (around). I haven’t knit much but know how to put 4 stitches on a holder and put those 4 stitches in the back of what I’m doing, but it says to put 4 in back and 4 in front, but then doesn’t say when to knit them into the project. Only doing 3P and then removing stitches left me hanging. You can’t do just 3P all the way around the hat for that row.

    I’d love to make this but am afraid I’ll get discouraged as I don’t understand things such as Row 13. You also mentioned switching from a circular needle to straight ones in certain areas, but I’m not sure to how to that. If you’ve done an update to answer all the questions, I’d really appreciate having it. Thank you

    Tavette – tavette01@gmail.com

  53. Sarah Batschelet says

    I have been through all the comments and cannot find the button size. I understand that I could make the owls, then find the buttons; as one commenter suggested. However, I couldn’t find good buttons at my local craft store and would like to order them online. I need a size to do this! Please help 😊

  54. says

    Hi Julie.I’m making this hat on size 5 dp needles and looks like it would be for a child. If I increase to the 80 stitches you say to use a 9 circular needle,would that be correct?

  55. says

    Thank you for the pattern using 2 straight needles. I was trying to work this on 2 needles before these instructions. However, I still something missing. On the cables are those done in knit or purl? This will have a significant bearing on the finished piece! Thank you!

  56. Beth Bowen says

    I found this pattern a year ago and made a couple of the hats. I went on to use the owl on the back of a pair of mitlets, and I have to say that I LOVE it. I didn’t even add the eyes, but it is clearly an owl. It’s a great pattern.

  57. CiJi says

    I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for this pattern. It’s soooo cute! According to comments on going up in needle size, are people sizing up to the 80 co and also usint a size 8 needle size?
    I can’t want to cast on!!! I’m “slightly” owl obsessed 😉

  58. joan says

    I just finished this hat for my granddaughter. It is adorable..I am a tight knitter but followed the pattern exactly..she is 12 and I know she will love it..It is a bit long but still a lovely pattern..thanks..Now, any one know of A free mitten pattern to match?

  59. joan says

    just noticed that I made a mistake ! I used 5mm needles,forgetting about the difference in sizes between U.S. & Canada.It was a good mistake as the hat is adorable.. thanks again for the great pattern.

  60. Jandy James says

    Trying to think of the best way to size up for adult man. Will get measurement and gauge but would it be reasonable to CO 80 and increase to 88 for one more owl? I am thinking for the increase row; K13, inc1 x6 and distribute the 4 extra stitches evenly?

  61. says

    Hi Julie I do not knit and my cousin asked me if I could make this and I saw you sell this hat. I looked on etsy and to no avail. Can you tell me how much you charge to make this owl hat? thank you I used to knit about 40 years ago and it was just scarfs and afghans

  62. Ruth says

    I made the hat using US size 5 needle….cute but way to small….next one I will make with a 5 mm… US size 8, that is what the sleeve on my yarn suggests using with worsted weight yarn.

  63. Heather says

    Loved this pattern…. Very quick to knit up….but, it is very small fitting a very young child. I would like to knit in adult siz so I am goi g to enlarge and see how it goes…. Thanks

  64. Janice Donn says

    okay, I’ve read all the comments and made note of these. But where is the pattern to be found? I have three girls waiting with balls of wool in their hands ready for me to get knitting, but so far haven’t managed to find where you are hiding the instructions!!

  65. says

    I think we are all thrilled & thankful to try & knit the owl hat…
    BUT after printing & reading 58 pages of comments, I just
    wish the original pattern would have been correct(adult).
    I am utterly confused…I just want to knit this hat in the
    round for an adult to look just like the photo. Trial & error
    knitting is so frustrating! Sorry to complain but this precious
    hat is too adorable to pass up! all the best, Marilyn

  66. Jennifer says

    This is a great hat, why are you people giving this lady such a hard time? She offered this pattern for FREE.
    No she doesn’t have it for a loom, or crochet or 2 needles, the pattern strictly says 4 needles. As for trial and error knitting, how do you think she made the pattern…trial and error I suspect.
    After all of these RUDE comments I wouldn’t blame her for not publishing another FREE pattern, why would she if all she is going to get is grief?
    Anyone who can follow this type of a pattern has had some experience with knitting and should have been able to tell from the needle size that it was going to knit up small for this weight of yarn and this number of stitches. She clearly stated that the pattern is over 11 stitches and so upon casting on the stitches you would have realized that you needed to add more. This was her pattern for her head, use that pattern as a guide.
    I say thank you for the pattern, I appreciate it very much. I knit one it was too small so guess what? I didn’t complain on here, I revamped the pattern to suit my needs as should all of you.
    STOP giving her a hard time and asking her to go to more work (work you should be doing) to come up with a pattern that suits you. You didn’t pay for it so stop complaining.
    Again thank you Julie for the lovely work you have done and for sharing your pattern for free!

    • says

      Jennifer, there is actually a pattern for the 2 needles method if you look above, so anyone that wishes to make them on two needles just look for the link in the comments that Julie posted.. also a note to go along with the 2 needle method is if you use Vannas Choice yarn which is a bit heavier, you can use a 5.75mm needle with that yarn and follow the 2 needle pattern to get a bigger hat that will fit 22′ Adult head…;)

  67. BytheC says

    Kind of you to share… I have a friend who lives farrrrr away, and I will make this for her as she lovessss owls. Thanks again. Beautiful work, by the way <3

  68. safire says

    Thanks for the pattern Julie! I’m a fairly novice knitter and I got this hat done in a week! I used 2 balls of Loops & Threads Impeccable yarn which is chunkier than worsted, and US9 5.5mm circular needles. I reduced the number of rows in rounds 30-50 to 10 instead of 20 but otherwise followed the pattern exactly. The hat fits wonderfully! Not bad for my first attempt at a hat!

  69. nicola Stevenson says

    Hi, I would LOVE to knit this hat, I seem to be having trouble downloading the pattern – what am I doing wrong!! Sorry to be a pain the computer isn’t doing what I want today 🙁

  70. Jennifer says

    Yes there is but the original pattern was not meant for 2 needles. I think people should be thankful for what was given. The link is not from Julie but from someone else. This link is for what she used. I feel that people are being far to harsh to her. Be grateful for her work. That’s all.

  71. Esther Whittle says

    This is the knit version.
    I have also seen the crocheted version which cost to download. See Pinterest Crocheted Owl Hat.
    I’m foing to design a top-down knit version when I have the time and energy.

  72. Pat Marino says

    Hi, Did you write the pattern for the owl hat on straight needles line for line, if so could you send me a link to it. Thank you so much for your generosity. Beautiful, I just can’t seem to figure out circulars yet but plan to get to my lys to learn.

  73. Dianne says

    Hi Julie, I am using 5mm needles, cast on 80, trying to increase to 88 on row 9. If I do the K14 inc 1, I end up with 5 left over stitches at the end. what am I doing wrong…..I am trying to make an adult hat find the 72 stitches make the band too small….Looking forward to hearing from you

  74. Bertha55 says

    For me the problem is solved regarding making the hat adult size. Using size 8 needles, cast on 98 sts. K1 P1 for 1″. K 8, M1 to end (you will have 2 sts. remaining, just knit these. From there just follow the pattern. It comes out just fine.

  75. Becca Williams says

    Hi Julie I want to say I am very excited to try this pattern and since I have a big head lol I am going to need to do the increased sts is that going to change the pattern in any way. I am fairly new to knitting but I love a challenge 🙂

  76. Virginia Burns says

    Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous pattern! This is very generous of you, and I will be heading to our local wool-shop, The Wool Inn, here in Penrith NSW, first thing tomorrow! Again … thank you!!

  77. Susan says

    On this page you show the C4F and C4B correctly to get the owl results as shown on the hat but on the pattern download they are incorrect saying that C4F is slip 4 stitches to the front and C4B is slip 4 stitches to the back. I didn’t notice the error until I knit the hat past the owls – the hat had no stretch whatsoever through the pattern section. Please correct the download pattern.

  78. Glorie says

    I absolutely love this pattern! Thank you Julie. I found your instructions very clear and it was an easy knit. I’m on my second one. Although this time I’m casting on 80 stitches, as the 72 cast on was a bit too tight for my head. I think one more owl might do the trick. I’ll be gifting my first attempt. Thank you again! 🙂

  79. Kelly says

    Just finished the owl toque for a child. Thank you so much for the pattern. I think I will need to take out a few rows of the knit rows, hat is a tad bit long but I will try it on the child and see. Thank you again

  80. Chrissie Duffy says

    I am going to knit this hat pattern but on two needles, then got to thinking I would like a scarf to go with it. Ok, not too difficult to work out size but not sure how to finish it. In other words how do I knit the end in reverse, starting with the ears?

  81. Pat C. says

    I knit this hat to fit my head….average adult size..fits a 22″ diameter around the band.
    I used 4–5mm needles and 100g Cascade 220 wool. Cast on 92 sts and K1P1 around as per the instructions. Be sure to join the round on row 2.
    Row 9 K13 M1 around until the last stitches. K2 at the end….99 sts.
    Continue as per instructions. I continued to Row 36 then started the decrease as per Row 51 in the instructions. Continue to the end. Fits perfectly..no bulk. Love it!

  82. Cathie says

    Great pattern with easy to follow instructions…..however, I used 5mm needles (which are larger than 5US) and the hat will definitely not fit an adult let alone a child. Definitely do a gauge check before starting….I was finished before I realised that the size was way to small.

  83. Laurie says

    After reading all the comments and adjusting it slightly it is finished and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for the wonderful pattern!!!!

  84. says

    Great pattern … Made adjustments tor different sizes based on your 11 stitch repeats and as worked out awesome
    Love it
    Thank you so much

  85. says

    Thank you, Julie, for such a cute hat and fun pattern. I made the original version and am passing it along to a wee one. Thank you to all who posted adjustments to make the pattern larger. Much appreciated. Am anxious to get started on another as it is so much fun to knit.

  86. says

    A big thank you for this lovely hat. Thanks to Tanya for doing the two needle version. I am in uk where we do not have worsted wool. However for any other uk knitters Aran is the yarn to use. I am on row 25 and the gauge is working out exactly as specified by Tanya.

  87. Carol says

    Julie’s worsted weight wool in UK terms is: 8mm, Double Knitting or DK
    I just checked on the net as I am interested in knitting one of these lovely hats too!

  88. says

    Chris Oliver, i am glad it is working out for you. would love to see it finished..just a note for those doing it on 2 needles, i recommend using the invisible stitch to sew it up from the crown of the hat to shere the owl begins then turn it to the right side so you can see the owl and then stitch it closed using the invisible stitch at the owl.. I have made a little video ( not the best quality i have to admit but i think you can understand it) to show how i sew it up so you dont see the seam..feel free to ask me for the clip if you havent done an invisble stitch before..:)

  89. Lyn McLeod says

    I knit two of these and both of them had very excessive amounts of knitted rows at the top. For a normal size head I would eliminate at least 8 rows before the finish.

  90. says

    I have now finished the hat using Aran wool and I love it. I have posted a pic on fb but not sure i can put a pic on here. Have had lots of positive comments and am now going to do a smaller one for my seven year old granddaughter. Beanie type hats don’t look too good on me so i have added pompom to top for a bit of extra height.

  91. says

    When I got to the increase row (starting with 72 sts and inc to 77 sts) I find that it should be K 13 Inc 1 (5 times) then K 2 otherwise you will not have enough sts on your needles to K14 Inc 1 (5 times ) then K2 as this would come to 77 sts to start and increasing 5 sts to 82 sts instead of starting with 72 and increasing to 77 sts.

  92. Loretta says

    I made this owl cap it was my first time doing the cable stitch,and did it without any problems.thank you for the pattern.I love how it turned out .I am going to make one for all my grandchildren .

  93. Megan says

    I’m having a hard time finding buttons, anyone have a link or suggestion for what size/color? I’ve made a gray and a more oatmeal colored hat. Thanks for any help!

  94. says

    i have used glass beads on mine. they look really nice in a brownish mix..i cant post a pic on here to show you but if you send me a message via facebook i can show you a picture on there..if that helps

  95. Donna says

    I’m on row 20 of this hat – it is a lovely pattern but I’m concerned as it seems so small – can anyone who has finished it offer reassurance before I get too much further along? Will this fit the normal sized head of an adult woman?

  96. Theresa says

    I am using US #5 needles. Ive knit a few rows of the ribbing pattern, seems to be a little on the small size to fit a woman’s head. Sort of worried it isn’t going to fit.

  97. says

    You are welcome Jackie…Also Theresa someone posted up further that Julie ( Cocoa) is using DK yarn ( UK) so if you are in Canada or the USA then i would suggest you also use DK with the 3.75 mm needles or go up to Worsted Weight \Aran yarn and 5mm needles and you will get the proper results or at least you should…

  98. Peg D says

    Any Owl pattern I have made so far such as hats or fingerless mitts I have used very tiny buttons. I would say they are about 1/4 inch across or not much larger than that. I usually take my finished project with me and match them to something I like. However the ‘baby’ sized buttons like you would sew on a little dress for a baby seem to work well for me. I hope that helps you out a little 🙂

  99. Elizabeth says

    Could have the video clip for sewing it up when knit on two needles (the invisible seam) I haven’t done it before. The hat is beautiful. Thanks for the pattern.

  100. says

    Hi Elizabeth i have 2 video clips of the invisible stitch, i will provide the link for them. as soon as the second on uploads…..stay tuned!!!
    . the reason i have two is..the first one shows the picture better so you can understand the way i am stitching it up…the second video is darker i am sorry but you can right click on it , click on enhancements , then click on video settings and make it brighter to see better… but the second video clip shows you a better way to sew up the owl part of the hat…I hope this helps if you have questions on the invisible sewing after watching the video let me know…

  101. says

    Ok so I’m confused. The pattern calls for K1P1 for the ribbing but two of the hats pictured have a K2P2 pattern shown? How many stitches do i cast on to make a K2P2 ribbing then how to i make my increase to 77 stitches. I think the K2P2 looks better?

  102. Julie H says

    Love the pattern! I’m so impressed a simple cable could turn into adorable owls that are surprisingly easy to knit. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! However, although I went up to size 7 needles, the hat was barely large enough for my teenaged daughter and, when worn, the owls are stretched far apart which diminishes their charm. I wish I had seen the above comments earlier and cast on more stitches. I think I will have to make another one with 22 more stitches for two more owls. Also, I will decrease the number of knit rows above the owls before the decrease rows begin as the hat I made ended up a bit too high (picture what Dopey in Snow White might wear!). Thanks again!

  103. Phronie says

    If you knit this hat how did you get the pattern to work? I can’t do it. If it takes 11 stitches to form a patters 72 stitches don’t work.

  104. Susan Kelly says

    I finally made this. Ripped it out a couple of times before I was happy with it. Used 5mm needles and started with 90 stitches. (I have a big head :O) ) After ribbing I went up to 121 stitches. I didn’t like when the owls stretched too much, that’s why I added so many stitches. I also only did 4 knit rows above the finished owls, it was much too long the other way. Quite happy with it now. Thank you very much for the pattern.

  105. Gayle says

    Started making the owl hat yesterday, today the pattern has disappeared and I cannot find it again. Has it been removed?

  106. Cindy says

    What happened to the free pattern…I just purchased the wool and needles and all of a sudden there was a charge for the pattern 🙁

  107. Cassandra says

    Just ordered this paternal the link to download is broken – how am I supposed to get the pattern I paid for?

  108. frédérique amaru says

    bonjour les tricoteuses…..je fais collection de chouette depuis de nombreuses années…mais je n’ai pas ce bonnet. comment avoir les explications en français. merci

  109. Marny CA says

    Today is 21 March 2016, and the Pinterest received shows this for *this* owl hat pattern:

    Owl Hat Free Knit Pattern from Julie is Coco and Cocoa

    Where is the free pattern so that I can download the pattern?

    Thank you!

  110. Gayle says

    I cannot download the pattern either and the link that u talk about at the beginning I cannot locate…is there any other way of getting this pattern. It is adorable. I assume by website u mean what program I am using?

  111. Diane Ganong says

    Is this pattern still free? I downloaded it a few weeks ago but apparently missed the finishing directions. Thanks! Diane

  112. Cindy Washington says

    I am unable to download/print this pattern. It is simply adorable and I would love to knit myself one. Is it possible that you can email it to me?

  113. Bridget Matthews says

    I would love to knit this lovely hat for a new baby but can’t seem to find the pattern to download 🙁

  114. Marny CA says

    NO LONGER A FREEBIE … the pattern is, however, for sale.

    The designer was kind enough to have this pattern as a freebie for a while. It is not expensive to purchase.


    There are, however, other freebies, as well as other available for sale items.

  115. says

    Would be great if the pattern notes on this blog are added to the paid pattern- especially your meaning for C4B, C4F being 2 stitches (not all four on) the cable needle- I am now up to row 26 and the pattern doesn’t look ‘right’. I know each designer uses these terms in different ways, and would have appreciated this explanation in the pattern I have paid for and printed to work on- I shouldn’t have to check the blog. Aside from this, pattern is easy to follow.

  116. Marny CA says

    Fiona T, that I know of, all cable patterns show how many total stitches are in one cable. C4B = 2 on cable needle to the back, knit 2 on working needle, then go back and knit the 2 stitches on the cable needle.

    If the cable was C6B – would be put first 3 stitches on cable needle and hold in back, knit the 3 on the working needle (left) and then knit the 3 on the cable needle.

    The twist makes the cable.

    Remember: frogging is an excellent tool for learning. Also good to put in a lifeline once you know for sure that the work is correct, to the best of your abilities.

    Nothing is foolproof. 😉

    • says

      Yes- since learning to cable earlier this year I’ve had non-commercial patterns that present this differently, so I am used to frogging! I was more frustrated that the pattern notes are not included with the paid pattern- it would be nice to have the paid pattern updated with these hints and tips.

      • Marny CA says

        All bases just can’t be covered all the time on everything.

        Then we can get involved with those who speak other languages – and can’t find a decent online translator for every pattern.

        When in doubt, give YouTube a Search. There are usually a few different teachers teaching in their own way on just about anything and everything. Takes time to filter through those to find a teacher whose way of teaching suits yours.

        Might consider legislation in the USA for such things! LOL Like there aren’t more important problems on our plates.

        My daughter is in West Palm Beach FL – and says she isn’t leaving – they put in hurricane windows, etc. NOTHING *I* can do about her decision. I pray she and her husband and animals will be safe.

  117. kelly says

    Hi Julie. Love this hat. On the couch with a broken hèel and I would love to make one for my grandson who is 18 months. Maybe with just a couple owls
    Do you have a smaller pattern.
    I also have wool that is hand spun, some of it thinner so I am quessing that would be equvilent to worsted.
    Thanks so much for any in put you may have


    • julieiscocoandcocoa says

      Hi Stephanie!

      Here is the video that shows the cable stitches for this hat. I don’t have a video that shows the full pattern.


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